Our Voices

Below are prose and poems created by our teenage clients.

Letting Go of My Struggle

On this day I am letting go and letting God because I feel like I have nothing else to worry about.  My heartache, my headache and my pain is over!  I have been holding this pain in for over 5 years now and I finally see that I cannot take anymore of it.  I am not giving up on myself at all but I am giving up on holding in my issues and putting the blame on myself.  I have dealt with a lot in my past including any separation with my family, going in and out of hospitals, having people turn their backs on me and have emotional breakdowns.  On this day I am letting all of it go because the anger that I have allowed to build up inside of me has done nothing but turned me into a compete stranger to most and made me lose a close connection with others.  My anger allowed me to make horrible choices for instance, instead of me being able to talk about what was on my mind I just smoked it out.  At times when I didn’t feel loved I turned to all the wrong people to get love from.  I did some low down things to make myself feel loved all over again and now that I look at it I realized that it was not worth it at all.  Ever since I have been away from my family I have felt like it was my entire fault but on this day I am letting go because the struggle that I have been going through is finally over.  I remember days when I use to sit in my bed and cry because I would feel the pain in my heart.  It would be days where I just wouldn’t talk to anyone about what I was going through or how I was feeling for fear no one would really understand  me an know exactly where I would be coming from.  I want to let you all know that I have allowed my anger to take over me for the longest and I don’t plan on doing that anymore because holding in my anger for this long has gotten me no where.  I was once that bird that could not fly, I was once that girl with a broken heart, I was once that girl that was told that she would never amount to anything, I was once that girl who was gave up on, I was once that girl who fell, I was once that girl who always had tears in her eyes and I was once that girl who could only crawl.  I am now that bird that can fly, I am now that turtle who can move faster, I am now that girl who can walk upright, I am now that girl who can stand up for herself, I am now that girl who is letting go and letting God, I am now that girl who is saying the struggle is over!

I want to thank everyone who took their time out the day to come and support me because this meant a lot to me and if it weren’t for you all then I don’t know what I would have done.  Once again than you for your time and your support.

“I am done climbing up mountains and stumbling over rocks”

– Jamaree

Gracious Skies

Gracious memories fall from the sky.
They come from above my conscious mind.
The light that’s so splendid its blinding my eyes.
To create is to love and to love you must hate all the things in this world that we can’t escape.
Things that are lost vainly to trust.
Those things we forget and never discuss.
The simplest smile, smirk, or laugh, keeps the fires sedated with joy at last, a happiness that descends on the silver hair.
One so hard to find though its every where.
Memories of fall spring summer and cold, those secret words that are never to be told.
It can only confide in ones soul.
The seasons frame every moment from within, like the names we have love for and the ones we befriend.
This affair only grows and it never will end, in these eyes they are seen, in these hands they are touched.
With this heart they are esteemed, in these lands they are seen that it is never too much.
Here you can want and never have, just keep it to yourself and don’t get mad.
Instead be grateful for what you have, at the end of the day the memory will last.
-- Christopher Gillespie

My Pillow

As I lay on my pillow with my eyes shut I think and wonder while I dream.
I lay on my pillow as I get beaten my body sore and I’m in pain, As I lay on
my pillow I think about the future and what it holds.
As I lay on my pillow I think about where God is going 2 send me.
I lay on my pillow dying from stress that a young girl shouldn’t have.
My pillow is full of tears.
Asking God am I safe.
Lying on my pillow I cry because I want mom.
Wondering where is she. As I lay on my pillow I fade away slowly but surely!
Lying on my pillow
As an angel!!
--Thelma Gafford. 7/13/06


Afraid of myself, and what I know I can do
Afraid of change and the person I see
Afraid of me
Afraid of what someone may say
Afraid of what someone may do
Afraid of me
Afraid of new homes or group homes
Afraid to tell a lie
Afraid of who I am
Afraid of me
Afraid of what I see in the mirror which is me
Afraid of me
Afraid of all things that
Comes my way
I’m afraid of me
--Thelma Gafford 7/8/06

One Day

One day you’ll be grown
And have a place of your own
One day you’ll be an actress
And say hey I like this
One day you’ll have so much money
You’ll buy a car on a day that’s sunny
One day you’ll go to Hawaii
You’ll say ooh wee
One day you’ll reach the end
And never see life again
One day you’ll die
And hope you reach the sky

How We

What to think, how to build. How to survive.
We forget how to live our lives to protect our spirit, to be clean and decent.
We forget that everything we do matters so much.
Every right decision brings us blessings.
Every wrong decision brings us pain.
And then, when times get hard our struggle and pain shows on our faces and our bodies.
Us women need not to let our dreams be destroyed.
We need to stand as one.  
--Jonnita B.

A Man I Once Called Daddy

A man I use to call daddy,
But as I got older another man became my daddy,
So I searched and looked for this man I once called daddy,
And I looked and I looked asking people where is daddy,
Where is the man I once called daddy,
I asked and asked, But no one could tell me,
And I soon realized that the man I once called daddy,
Was a man I never really knew,
And until this day I still don’t know my daddy,
So I wait and I wait still looking and asking where is my DADDY!
--Lisa H.

I loved U

Gave you everything, held back nothing
Trusted you with my heart, begged you from the start not to break it, not to misplace it, not to use it, but you still abused it.
I took you seriously, you took me as a joke now I’m hurting from head to toe.
Still not really wanting to let go but I feel I really don’t have a choice cause I don’t want to fill this pain no mo.
Why do this to me you would have had everything love, trust, and honesty I wouldn’t have.
--Kiara D.

Stop to Think

Has anybody ever stopped to think,
Why did Jesus do what he did?
For us to stay alive?
Has anybody ever stopped to think
What would happen if Jesus didn’t do what he did?
Has anybody ever stopped to think,
If it wasn’t for him where would we be?
Well now people need to think
Why, What and If
He wasn’t the Jesus he was