Domestic Relations Division Success Stories

Teenage Siblings & Parental Agreement

We were appointed to represent two teenage siblings.  Their parents could not agree on the teens’ participation in extracurricular activities, including the swim team.  Our attorney interviewed the teens while they were at the pool and watched their swim practice, allowing her to see how much the teens loved swimming and competing as members of the team.  Our attorney relayed her impressions to both parents, who agreed the teens could continue to compete on the team.

Overnight Visits

In another case, the parents of a young boy disagreed about overnight visits in the father’s home because the mother was worried about the child’s dog allergies.  Our attorney completed an unannounced visit on a Sunday morning to observe the child in the father’s home.  She observed that the child’s allergies were under control and reported back to the parents and the court.  The mother was reassured when were able to check on the child’s well-being ourselves.  The visits between the child and the father continued in a positive manner.